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A discussion with Dr. Kunihiro Matsuki on How to Listen – an authorised workshop

Announcement for U.K. Youth

The Institute presents:

Dialogue with Dr Kunihiro Matsuki – workshop certified by the author of ‘The Way of Psychoanalytical Listening’


From the organisations several years of practice, this workshop has been designed for psychoanalytic psychotherapists who hold an interest on how to listen to patients/clients.
The course will run for 8 sessions.


The workshop will be guided by How to Listen and will also be streamed online.
During the first 7 sessions, participants will be assigned a chapter to summarise and present.
As questions may arise throughout the presentations, participants should create a list of anything they do not understand and sections they would like to hear more about.
The 8th and final session will be a discussion with Dr. Matsuki where participants can ask their questions.

By listening and seeing his response live, you will be able to feel the atmosphere and ambience of the room, experiencing the concept of ‘how to listen’.
The exposure of ‘listening psychoanalytically’ will help you when transferring from general counselling to mental illness/autism practices.

This workshop will be in Japanese however, a summary in English (either the recording or audio material) will be offered at a later date.
Further details will be announced in December here so if you are keen to be involved, we recommend you to bookmark this page.


Dr Kunihiro Matsuki is a Japanese training analyst who also works internationally.
He is a member of the International Psychoanalytical Association and an Emeritus Professor at Kyoto University.

The coordinator is Dr Hiroyuki Fujimoto, Director of The Institute. He is a Japanese psychiatrist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist.